Coton Manor


Sister Kennel to Cotonrun

Animal lover, Robyn Verhaaf contacted me in 2016 wanting a Coton de Tulear puppy to work as a therapy dog. Her nursing seeing her working in a variety of wards, she knew the benefit of Pet therapy to patients, identifying the Coton de Tulear as the best breed available. Casper arrived at his new home with Robyn at 4-months and unofficially visited patients, instinctively spending one-on-one special time with each patient. Sitting on laps, sitting at feet, playing fetch and having lots of chats.

Robyn, an experienced breeder of West Highlander Terriers, fell in love with the uniqueness of the Coton de Tulear, deciding she wanted to play a greater part in the Australian Coton de Tulear story, and help preserve this rare breed and its’ historic lines, becoming my breeding partner, moving home and establishing 5-acre Coton Manor in 2018. Robyn is looking forward to breeding her first litters in 2019.

2017 brave Robyn, like me a new comer to the Confirmation Show Ring, with Casper at her side championed the breed in the Victorian show world titling Casper and receiving high praise from European FCI and Coton Speciality judges. Robyn continues this success with Tinkerbell and Poppet.

Coton Manor is home to sheep, ponies, alpacas, cats, chickens and Australian Champion Cotonrun Casper, Cotonrun Poppet, Cotonrun Tinkerbell and newly arrived Carbonebianco Honey (aged category winner Crufts 2018, World Dog 2018 and multi European Champion) and shortly home to Carbonebianco Lottie May 2019.

Robyn’s wealth of breeding knowledge, experience and courage, plunging into the show ring, has been invaluable to me and I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful friend and partner. Thank you, Robyn!

Cotonrun Casper
Cotonrun Tinkerbell
Cotonrun Poppet
Carbonebianco Honey
Carbonebianco Lottie arrives April 2019