Conformation Showing

The Four Musketeers:

Bonita, Coton de Tulears Harley Quinn and Venus, and, Bichon Frese Kelzarki Step It Out

In 2018 veteran handler Bonita Meads joined Australia’s Coton family. Bonita is a past exhibitor of miniature poodles from John Edwards, NSW, returning to the ring with Australian Champion Bichon Frese Kelzarki Step It Out (Barney) from Les Bradney, NSW, and in 2018 proudly introduced Cotonrun Harley Quinn and 2019 Cotonrun Venus to the NSW Confirmation Show circuit. Winning Baby Puppy Best in Show with Cotonrun Harley Quinn and Best In Show with Kelzarki Step It Out at the Variety Of Bichon Related Breeds Show in October 2018 under Mr. Mark Fallon, NSW. Both Harley and Venus are winning in their categories and drawing lots of interest for the Coton de Tulear in Australia’s Conformation Show World.

I’m very grateful for Bonita’s passion for showing, love of her dogs and willingness to share. I’ve learnt so much from you Bony, and appreciate your friendship.

Bonita and I with Harley Quinn and Venus
Royal Sydney Show 2019
Historical event: First time the Coton de Tulear has shown at the Sydney Royal Show


Carol and Alice In Wonderland

Moving into retirement from nursing, Carol Stevens with Alice in Wonderland (Alice) will be showing and working in the pet therapy worlds. Carol has always been interested in pet therapy during her nursing career, spanning 35 years, as she understands the therapeutic value of dogs working with patients. Long-time dog lover and pet owner, Carol has been noticing how Alice responds naturally to people and has given joy to friends and visitors cheering them up and leaving them feeling young at heart. After a hard day at work Carol’s friends call saying they’ll be over to see Alice for cheering up.

Carol will be breeding with Alice and moving into the pet therapy and dog assistance world over the next few years.

Carol’s enthusiasm to explore the pet therapy and dog assistance world with Alice and help our breeding program is wonderful. I’m very lucky to have Carol’s friendship and be able to share her and Alice’s adventures.

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