Carbonebianco Jasper

Jasper Coton de Tulear

Carbonebianco Jasper (IMP HUN)

Registered with ANKC 2016

WDS 2015 Australian Champion Multi 2016 European Champion 2015

Jasper arrived in Australia as World Minor Puppy Champion 2015, thanks to the dedication of Ferenc and Barbara from Caronebianco, who trained and showed Jasper in preparation for his life in Australia, where he will be daddy to the first Australian born Coton de Tulears.

Sadly, Jasper travelled during a coat change and had extremely bad matting and staining. Thanks to the extraordinary skill and patience of Suzette Woodruffe, Australian Professional Groomers Academy, 0419778239, that we were able to recover some of Jasper’s coat. With the products, Suzette recommended, his coat is making a good recovery and we are hopeful of showing him soon. He is an incredible dog who calmly lay for hours allowing the intense grooming necessary to save his coat.

It was love at first sight with our darling boy. Jasper has the most amazingly loving playful personality, and looks like he’s smiling all the time. Always happy to see us, Jasper loves to be involved in whatever is happening.